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Her interest and passion for art evolved whilst studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rotterdam, Netherlands. During her work as a fashion designer and purchaser for several well known clothing brands, Margriet developed an interest in selecting the right shapes, patterns, proportions and color combinations. When an acquaintance discovered her paintings and asked her to join a big art collection, the work of Margriet Blanken quickly became known to the public. From there, her paintings frequented many exhibitions, both in the Netherlands and Aruba. Besides her own collection, Margriet paints custom designed works for companies and the private sector.


The paintings by Margriet are characterized predominantly by the use of fresh bright colors painted on large canvas. The quirky play between the different colors, structures and the use of matt and gloss finish gives every painting a unique character. The Aruban light has changed  and developed the colors of her paintings over the past years; the colors have become even brighter, more cheerful and breathe a subtle Caribbean influence. After spending five years on Aruba, Margriet moved back to the Netherlands, bringing home the relaxed and cheerful touch. Back in the Netherlands, she joined a group of artist under the name of MMKkunst. To view Margriet's collection, click here

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